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    Marie Boti, Malcolm Guy, Alexis Guerchovitch

    Honour Your Word

    A film by Martha Stiegman

    Marylynn Poucachiche and Norman Matchewan faced tear gas and police batons when they joined their parents on the barricades to defend the Barriere Lake Algonquins’ traditional territory in the 1980s. Little did Marylynn and Norman realize they would still be on the barricades over 20 years later, this time with their own young children at their sides.

    hyw wampum poster

    HONOUR YOUR WORD, is the dramatic story of a tiny First Nations community in Quebec with big strength of character and determination, and follows new Algonquin leaders as their community fights to protect their land, way of life, and their language.

    Official website: http://honouryourword-film.ca/

    Facebook page (Like it!): https://www.facebook.com/HonourYourWord

    Being Chinese in Quebec: a road movie

    How do young Chinese living in Québec feel about themselves, their community and their place here? What do they know about the history of Sino-Québec? These are some of the issues to be explored by Being Chinese in Quebec by Malcolm Guy and William Ging Wee Dere.

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    In the wake of the Apology given by the Canadian government in 2006 and the partial redress for the Head Tax and Chinese Exclusion Act, many in the Chinese community feel the need to explore their place in this society and the need to be included.

    This film explores the younger generation of Sino-Québecois and their struggles of identity, integration and building a life for themselves in this province. The filmmakers search out the Chinese settlements in the different regions of Québec as well in the metropole of Montreal. This journey of discovery starts today as we see Québec through the eyes of two young Chinese, Bethany Or and Parker Mah.

    Check out the Facebook page page of Being Chinese in Quebec

    Carré Rouge Sur Fond Noir (Red Square on a BlackBoard)

    JPEG - 17.8 kb
    a film by Santiago Bertolino and Hugo Samson - August 2013

    CARRÉ ROUGE SUR FOND NOIR (Red Square on a BlackBoard) by Santiago Bertolino and Hugo Samson takes us to the heart of the most important student mobilization to date in Canada.

    Updates @ Facebook page of Carré rouge sur fond noir (Red Square on a Blackboard)

    Official website: http://carrerougesurfondnoir.com/

    PMM films to watch from the comfort of your home

    Moncineweb.com, an enterprise dedicated to promote and distribute independent films from Québec, provides a wide range of films to be watched directly from your home. Among their selection, four of our titles:

    La Grande Invasion by Martin Frigon

    Tibet: Terre des Braves by Geneviève Brault

    Je serai là by Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier et Karine van Ameringen

    Chants de la DétermiNation by Paul M. Rickard et Michelle Smith

    Bon cinéma!

    The End of Immigration?

    The documentary The End of Immigration?, uncovers a trend which is having a major impact on Canada. Directors Marie Boti and Malcolm Guy reveal how Canada is increasingly relying on "rent-a-workers" rather than immigrants, a process that could spell “the end of immigration” as we know it. Today, the number of temporary workers arriving each year in Canada exceeds the number of immigrants.

    By comparing the situation of these temporary workers with that of their own parents who arrived in Canada as unskilled workers in the last century, the filmmakers uncover a hidden world that’s as close as the MacDonald’s on the corner. And they ask the crucial question: is this the kind of society we want to build?

    Updates @ Facebook page page of The End of Immigration ?

    The End of Immigration? is produced by Lucie Pageau and distributed by Diffusion Multi-Monde.

    Figure of Armen

    Armen_DseghFigure of Armen is a poetic journey across the highlands of the South Caucasus, a region of the world that boasts a rich and ancient history.

    Through a series of colourful characters, filmmaker Marlene Edoyan explores the daily lives of Armenians in the Armenian countryside and surrounding territories.

    Personal testimonies and intimate storytelling help us understand the vast changes shaping this region since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

    In the aftermath of a destructive war and a devastating earthquake we come face-to-face with a society grappling with the idea of a national rebirth.

    Check out the Facebook page page of Figure of Armen

    Figure of Armen, a wonderful first film directed and produced by our talented Multi-Monde colleague, is distributed by Diffusion Multi-Monde.

    Tibet: Land of the Brave

    This feature-length documentary directed by Geneviève Brault takes us far into the snow-clad mountains of Tibet where nomads still survive by herding yaks that provide food and most of their necessities.

    Tibet: Land of the Brave follows a young Canadian Tibetan couple back to the traditional community of the husband Gyamtso for the birth of their second child.

    The documentary reveals the dangers facing an ancient lifestyle as China continues its radical shift to a market economy.

    View an excerpt:

    Updates @ Facebook page page of Tibet: Land of the Brave

    The Great Invasion (La Grande Invasion)

    PAT-a_vendreThe Great Invasion (La Grande Invasion), the newest film from director Martin Frigon, looks at the impact of over-development in historic towns in Quebec’s picturesque Laurentian mountains.

    As big box stores and large retailers drive local merchants out of business, and foreign developers buy up huge tracts of land for resorts, local residents’ property taxes are skyrocketing. While the locals organize against expropriation by taxation, an internationally-known artist, René Derouin, adds his creative energy to protect the heritage of “Les pays d’en haut” from The Great Invasion.

    The Great Invasion is produced by Lucie Pageau for Productions Multi-Monde.

    Updates @ Facebook page of La Grande Invasion

    The Great Invasion (La Grand Invasion): Québec. 2012. A film by Martin Frigon. 80 minutes. HD. VO française

    World Premiere took place at the International Festival of Film on Art (FIFA) 2012

    The official web site for the film (en français for now): http://grandeinvasionfilm.com/

    LA GRANDE INVASION - trailer (in French) from Productions Multi-Monde on Vimeo.

    Interviews with artists René Derouin and director Martin Frigon can be organized by contacting : Caroline Rompré I press relations I +1 514.778.9294 I caroline.rompre[at]gmail[dot]com

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