Great news, Mohamed Cherfi is back in Montreal. Congratulations to Mohamed and Louise. More at

Documentary Film by
Malcolm Guy and Eylem Kaftan
Produced by Lucie Pageau

Betacam SP / color / 53 min.
o.v. French
English version subtitled

© 2006 Productions Multi-Monde

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Fleeing their war-torn homeland, forty thousand Algerians come to Montreal, Quebec in the 1990’s. Many are refused refugee status and are not allowed to study or work normally. Years go by, children are born and Canada becomes home.

Then comes 911. Deportations begin.

The “non-status Algerians” decide to fight to stay in Canada. Bledi, This is Our Home follows some of the key actors in a roller-coaster of direct actions, lobbying efforts, victories and setbacks. For the first time in Canadian history, the tradition of sanctuary is violated when Mohamed Cherfi is dragged out of a Quebec City church... then tossed in a U.S. jail.

Dramatic and personal, Bledi, This is Our Home raises crucial questions about Canada’s refugee policies and its treatment of Muslims and Arabs.

UPDATE: Mohamed Cherfi is now back in Canada

August 5, 2009 -- After five long years, Mohamed Cherfi is finally back in Canada. Congratulations to Mohamed and Louise Boivin from Malcolm, Eylem, Lucie and the rest of the team at Productions Multi-Monde!

Read CBC article at

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